Want to Start Lifting Heavy Weights? Start With the Basics: Shoes.

Gym Shoes - Wrestling

Great, another “So, you want to get in shape? You NEED to buy (insert gimmicky fitness product here – shakeweight, belly wraps, whatever, here)” post. This post simply isn’t that – sorry. It’s about the most important and effective piece of equipment you need if you want to finally put your gym membership to good […]

My Powerlifting Log

I’m currently running 5/3/1 for my powerlifting, powerbuilding, weightlifting, what have you, training. This is my 5/3/1 schedule for my upcoming cycle. If you haven’t read my post about 5/3/1, go check it out! I decided having an individual post for each lift was a bit too bulky. This has each main lift in the […]

5/3/1 Method

I’ve been running this program for about 4 months now. Last week was my deload week and I’m about to start back up in the morning. I figured this would be a good time for me to introduce this method to those of you who are interested, explain the proper method to developing your program […]