VanderMeer’s “Annihilation” is Confusing, Scary, and Addicting

Annihilation Book Review

I read Annihilation at, quite possibly, one of the worst times – I was 2,000 miles away from home and 45 miles from the nearest town; if I didn’t know better, I could’ve easily mistaken my surroundings for Area X. Jeff VanderMeer’s first installment of the Southern Reach Trilogy draws you in with mystery and a deep sense […]

Letting Go

Daily Prompt: Cling Letting go. It’s not what most people think of when confronted with the word “cling;” but, in the realm of motorcycles, “cling” and “letting go” are synergistic. The former causes the other and without the latter, you can’t do the former. Some people cling to family or religion when life becomes too […]

Perfecting the Pull-Up

Pull-Up Featured Image

Grab a bar above you and pull yourself up – sounds simple, right? But, could you do it a second, third, tenth time? If not, you’re missing out on significant strength gains across the board and you need to keep reading. I’m a firm believer that the pull-up is one of the best strength training […]