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I want to write about what I truly care about and the passions I have dedicated my life to. That’s why I began MyLifeExplored. I wasn’t aware of the costs associated with running a blog nor the amount of time required to maintain it; and, quite frankly, I didn’t care. I just knew this is what I wanted to write about motorcycles and fitness, and that’s what the purpose of MyLifeExplored will always be. Part of sharing my passions includes writing about what parts I fit my bike with, what fluids I put into it, and what gear I wear while on the road and in the gym. These tutorials, reviews, and promotions are always based on my personal experience; I do not receive any products for free and what I review is what I have paid for – and, being a law graduate with 6-figures of student loan debt, has been done so on a very tight budget. If I want to make this work and you want to keep receiving the content I put out, I need your support. That’s why I have decided to use affiliate links.

The affiliate links I use within my content do not cost readers, viewers, or consumers any money. If you purchase a product through a link from MyLifeExplored, you will not incur additional costs; instead, MyLifeExplored receives a small commission to help with the maintenance costs and fees of MyLifeExplored. Affiliate links are simply a way for companies to reach a broader audience through websites and people who have personally used and purchased a product.

Weightlifting and motorcycles are inherently dangerous; I would never threaten the physical well-being of my readership by promoting a product that I haven’t personally used or subjected myself to the potential risks associated with said product. That is why I maintain my integrity with what I post. The fact that a company might offer me a commission for supporting a product will never take precedent over my integrity and love for these fields. I would not only be undermining myself but also the activities that have shaped me into the man I am today. I’m not able to put my heart into writing about a product I don’t believe deserves a recommendation and that which could potentially ruin someone from experiencing fitness and motorcycles with the same fervor as I do.

If you enjoy the content and direction of MyLifeExplored, please use the affiliate links in my posts and below – even if you don’t buy the identical product, many of my affiliates offer some form of commission for generating leads to their company. For a current list of affiliates and specific disclosures and links to their homepage, see the list below.

If you have questions or concerns about products I have reviewed, suggestions for future reviews, or how to become an affiliate yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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