Writing an “About Me” pages almost seems antithetical to the whole basis of my blog, but I think this is a good place to get you caught up. The purpose of My Life Explored is not simply to document my passions, thoughts, and experiences. I want this to be an opportunity to share my life with others in a way that promotes my passions, encourages people to take on projects, new hobbies, and ultimately helps you experience the world in a new way. With that in mind, let’s get started.

As you may have guessed, I’m a weightlifting, motorcyclist who likes to be self-sufficient and resourceful; what you may have missed, however, is I’m also a pretty big nerd and environmentalist. While My Life Explored will primarily focus on my life in terms of weightlifting and motorcycles, I want it to be an all-encompassing experience for you. This means that various projects I take on (like rewiring/soldering a new 3.5mm jack onto my beloved headphones), books I’ve read, and thoughts on the environment will be included, too. Now, back to weights and bikes.

In May 2016, I graduated from law school and received my J.D. from the University of Richmond, School of Law. After working two jobs for seven years while undertaking four years of undergradute schooling and three years of law school I decided to take a year off before taking the bar exam. I was already burnt out from the years of closing a diner at 2AM in rural Pennsylvania while taking 18 credits just to graduate on time; but, that was just go get me to law school. Once I was there, it was even harder – my days were filled with long weekend shifts at a French Brasserie, weekdays spent rushing from morning classes to my hardly-paid internship, and then back to school for night class just so I could leave early to pick up a shift at the same restaurant I spent 20 hours in over the weekend. I didn’t grow up with money like the other law students had, but I did grow up watching my Father tirelessly work just to feed us. He always had an outlet – music – that, when he got lost in playing and writing, the lack of sleep and financial stress seemed to go away completely. Those were my formative years and, for me, the two things that got me through law school the same way music helped my Father were weightlifting and my motorcycle (if you care to hear about Victoria, head over to Victoria – My 919cc Baby to read more about her and all of her glory). I don’t want to discuss how I got into these hobbies too deeply, as I have specific posts about these topics HERE and HERE. What I do want to talk about, however, is why I became obsessed with fitness and motorcycles.

At their core, both weightlifting and riding a motorcycle are personal experiences. It’s just me. Me with the barbell. Me with the bike. They are the activities that give me complete control over my fate. I decide whether or not today I finally PR on my deadlift. I get to choose how hard I lean into a hairpin turn and which line to take to hit my exit point. Each are such personal experiences that they have become almost spiritual to me – I’ve learned more about myself and the extent of my self-determination during the moments with a barbell on my back and with my knee down during a turn than at any other point in my life.

Even when you’re all alone, however, there are others who are experiencing their own individuality and conquering their own barriers. Others who are excited and willing to share it with you. Weightlifting and riding a motorcycle are things you have to experience yourself, but people will be there to share the experience with tales, advice, guidance, and support. It’s the sense that there are others doing the same thing as you but experiencing it in a completely personal and unique manner that makes each of these hobbies amazing. It’s my goal to share my experiences and knowledge about fitness and motorcycles with you and hopefully, we can all take away something of value from this.

This is My Life Explored, and I’m Alex.


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