Starting in late 2016, I launched MyLifeExplored as a medium to discover what made me, well, me. Primarily consisting of motorcycles, books, and weight lifting, I began diving deeper into these passions hoping that I would uncover something about myself. In the process, I did. In actuality, I found so much more. From discovering my love of photography to learning the ropes of web design, MyLifeExplored has opened up a whole world of possibilities for self-discovery. If you’re interested in seeing that process, then you’ve come to the right place.

From tutorials and technical articles to my attempts at creative writing, and even my professional portfolio, it’s my mission to make sure I continue learning and documenting that process here to share it with others.


I’m a professional(ish) writer, editor, and blog creator. I help research and write a variety of documents – from legal petitions and technical manuals to blog posts and creative freewriting endeavors. When I’m not writing about motorcycles, the gym, or any other post on MyLifeExplored you can usually find me actually participating in those things.

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