Starting Strength 5×5 Giveaway!

Starting Strengh Book Cover
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It’s as true as the sky is blue that Mark Rippetoe’s 5×5 Starting Strength is the best program for amateur/intermediate training. Beyond the program, Starting Strength, the book, contains invaluable knowledge regarding recovery, accessory work, form, and much more. The 5×5 program can work by itself, but having Rippetoe’s vast knowledge at your fingertips takes your training to the next level That’s why I’ve decided to giveaway three copies; one lucky winner will receive a paperback copy and two others will get Kindle versions. Winners will be announced next Tuesday, February 28 via the MyLifeExplored Fitness newsletter.

How to Enter:

Simply follow this link and subscribe to – that’s it. After subscribing make sure to look out for MyLifeExplored’s weekly fitness newsletter every Tuesday. Winners will be drawn from the pool of new subscribers and announced on February 28. New subscribers will also able redirected to download my 5×5 Planner and Calculator.

Ready to Start Training?

If you don’t want to wait until February 28 to start the program, head over to my Starting Strength Crash Course to learn the basics and then subscribe to download my Starting Strength Planner and Calculator.

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