Rev’It! Flatbush – Merging Timeless Style with Modern Protection in One Motorcycle Jacket

Rev'It Flatbush Review

Over the past two years, I’ve put my Rev’It Flatbush jacket through the ringer; I rode thousands of miles through the rain, wind, and heat and finally decided to officially put my love for this jacket into words. As part of Rev’It’s tailored, city collection, the Flatbush is designed for fashion and safety conscious riders alike. From its full grain leather to SaS Tec armor, the Flatbush hits all the marks I’ve been looking for in a quality motorcycle jacket. Its style is timeless and comfortable, its protection is world class, and its price isn’t too demanding.

Design Features

  • Fit: Tailored, city fit, regular
  • Outer Shell: 100% pull up, full grain leather
  • Lining: 100% polyester polyamide
  • Headphone loop
  • Jean loop
  • Short connection zipper

Rev’It’s tailored lineup is developed for the fashion and safety conscious alike. The Flatbush is the top-of-the-line motorcycle jacket in this tailored lineup and it’s easy to see why. Rev’It fitted the Flatbush with YKK zippers, spring-loaded buttons, and an embossed logo on each shoulder; they could’ve stopped there, but they didn’t. Instead, they used actual leather punches to hold the zipper-pulls in place and imprinted a design, logo, or writing on every single button. They even used an elastic band for the jean loop instead of rigid canvas. Its Rev’It’s attention to detail with the Flatbush that makes it a great motorcycle jacket.

If I had to describe the type of fit Rev’It’s tailored lineup offers it’d most likely be American tailored. I have a 43-inch chest and fit into my size 52 Flatbush just fine; I did, however, purchase my jacket when I was smaller and the jacket has stretched with my growth. A size chart for the Rev’It’s lineup can be found here.

Over time, the Flatbush’s full-grain leather develops a patina; each jacket fades in places unique to the rider and develops its own character the longer you wear it. Pair that with its tailored fit, top-notch design, and attention to detail and the Flatbush is a lifetime purchase that only gets better over time.

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Ergonomics and Storage

  • Adjustment tabs: Collar, waist, and cuffs
  • V-flap cuff
  • Storage:  2 slit pockets, 1 breast document pocket, and 2 interior pockets

The pockets and storage of the Flatbush are pretty standard; the pockets are deep and lined with a black synthetic material. Some people have complained about the pockets zipping up to close instead of down, but this doesn’t bother me; in fact, I prefer it. Having to pull the zipper down to open the slit pockets ensures that nothing falls out while opening; pockets that open upward allow stuff to fall out before I have a chance to fully open the pocket.


  • Shoulders and elbows: SaS Tech CE armor
  • Stitching: Double and triple safety stitching in weak areas
  • Back (sold separately): Rev’It! Seesoft back protector – type RVRev'It Flatbrush Review - Back

Sas Tech CE is a premier European body armor for two main reasons. First, it’s pliable and bends with the contours of your body; second, SaS Tech armor becomes rigid upon impact, thereby offering the most protection possible. The Flatbush’s elbow pads actually extend to the forearm, offering additional protection. Also, the Flatbush can include back protection, specifically, Seesoft – Type RV. Again, Rev’It’s attention to detail takes the Flatbush to the next level. Each seam is either double or triple stitched in order to prevent tearing in weak places. In the event of a crash, this jacket offers the best protection short of a race suit.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love my Flatbush and recommend it to people time and time again. I have even had non-riders ask me about the jacket because they didn’t know it was a motorcycle jacket. It has classic styling that gains recognition from riders across the entire spectrum without sacrificing safety. The jacket is holding up beautifully in the time that I’ve had it, too; the stitching is intact, leather isn’t, its zippers and buttons all function perfectly, and I still feel safe while wearing it. This is the jacket I wear during all types of weather, including freezing temperatures. It definitely isn’t a winter jacket, but it works just fine with a fleece as an underlayer. For the $400-$500 range, I don’t see a better option.


The Flatbush can be purchased from any of the following merchants; also make sure to check out your brick and mortar bike shop to support local business!

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Cycle_Gear_Logo - Flatbush Link

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