How to Shrink Leather Gloves – DIY

From changing oil, repairing electronics, and now shrinking leather gloves, I’m a DIY kind of guy. I’m also absolutely terrible at judging what sized item I need. I either think I’m Andre the Giant or Stuart Little. After my dog chewed a pair of riding gloves that I spent way too much money on (I can’t even remember the brand because I had so much buyer’s remorse), I decided to tighten the reins on my spending habits. I ordered a fairly affordable pair of Large River Road Twin Iron Gloves for $40 from Revzilla as a replacement (I am neither sponsored nor being paid by Revzilla or River Road for this post). For what I paid, they’re awesome gloves. Light, durable, well ventilated, and have enough insulation for fall riding; but, they run very large. Many sources online suggest using an iron and heat paper, some even said to put the glove on your hand while ironing to get the right fit. I’m not about that. And I didn’t want to risk burning my gloves. So, I took to my ingenuity and decided to figure out how to shrink my gloves without an iron and physical trauma. Enter, hot water, hairdryer, and boiled linseed oil for this simple DIY solution


  • Water kettle
  • Hair dryer
  • Hot teaItems needed for DIY glove shrinking
  • Oversized gloves
  • boiled linseed oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Some DIY ingenuity and patience



Step 1: Boil enough water to fill the bowl and submerge your gloves and make a cup of tea.


You don’t want to dump boiling water onto your gloves, so pour yourself some tea and let the hot water sit in the mixing bowl for a few minutes.


Submerge your gloves in the hot water. If you’re brave and/or stupid, use your hands. If not, use any kitchen utensil to make sure the gloves are fully submerged. Once they’re wet throughout, remove them and pat/squeeze the gloves with a towel.

DIY shrinking leather - dip gloves in water


Stretch your gloves out so they resemble how they should fit while being worn. I then attached mine to a clothes hanger while blowdrying. You’ve probably notice that I switched to a heatgun; the hairdryer hardly generated heat and I would’ve been standing there all day.

DIY shrinking leather - blowdry wet gloves


Either the heatgun was also taking too long too, or I’m just extremely impatient. So, I threw my gloves in the dryer with a towel on high heat.

DIY shrinking leather - alternatively, throw the gloves in the dryer on hot setting


It’s time to rub the leather with linseed oil. This will help with moisture and protection against the elements. People will say “but Alex, that’s not for leather; it’s meant for wood!” True, but it is equally as effective on leather without damaging it. Just dip your finger in the oil and rub the surface area of the gloves, making sure to get every crease.

DIY leather shrinking - rub leather gloves with boiled linseed oil


After coating the gloves with linseed oil, grab a towel and wipe off the excess. I then hung my gloves up to let them rest in the same position over night.

That’s all there is in my DIY solution for shrinking leather gloves. It can be used for a fat wallet, extra long belt, or any other leather accessories you may need to be shrunk. Now, let me be clear, this won’t take them from an XL to an XS. I’d say that this process brought my gloves from a large to a medium, maybe a little less.

One Final Note: if you take my advice with linseed oil, please make sure you don’t throw a pile of linseed oil-soaked rags in your laundry hamper or in the corner. If multiple rags are stacked ontop of each other the oil heat up and can combust!

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