My Powerlifting Log

I’m currently running 5/3/1 for my powerlifting, powerbuilding, weightlifting, what have you, training. This is my 5/3/1 schedule for my upcoming cycle. If you haven’t read my post about 5/3/1, go check it out! I decided having an individual post for each lift was a bit too bulky. This has each main lift in the same document but on different pages. I also added an updated template/formula for calculating your percentages if you care to check it out. My most recent squat workout has been added to the document.

12/06/2016 Update: I’ve made a couple changes to my workout log. It’s my first time really tracking everything with Excel (actually using LibreOffice Calc for all those opensource fans out there!) so I’m still learning how to use formulas and what not. I’ve decided to also implement the following color code for my core lifts to show their difficulty:

  • Green: easy/no struggle
  • Yellow: struggled, reps were a little bit of a grind
  • Red: failed

Also, in my excitement to get MyLifeExplored up and running, I forgot to mention one key element of my training and the 5/3/1 program. I like variety in my workouts and will often do different variations of the core lifts as a warmup, additional core lift, or in some other manner throughout my workouts. For example, today I did push press before my strict overhead press. Other days I may do pause bench instead of regular bench, front squat instead of back squat, or snatch-grip deadlift instead of regular. It all depends on how ambitious I feel on that particular day and how sore I want to be the next morning. Since Wednesday is my rest/light cardio day, I decided to do both push press and strict OHP today.

In other news, I plan on developing an excel sheet of the core lifts, variations, and my suggested accessory work. I’m in the planning stages of that at the moment, but including my preferred complexes, supersets, etc. is in the realm of possibilities.

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